One bug, on one billion devices

Apart from this weird problem, I think a problem in StackOverflow as far as I am concerned maybe is with big communities, like the tag StackOverflow community.

That community is super-flooded with absurd questions from absurd people and comes the easy downvotes, even when a question simply from cursed results appears that however is well posed, is in-topic, has references to official documentation, has screenshots, steps to reproduce, obvious troubleshooting effort, and is not posed by a person who has critical English issues.

But yes, that question started with two downvotes, and no: no constructive comments like “clarify this / that” etc. Just downvotes.

Now, the question has 1 downvote, and only 1 comment (actually it’s an improper comment that provides an answer, but I don’t want to scold that user since that user is the only person on my side – it seems; anyway: do not put answers in the comments please – put an answer in the answer).

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