itWikiCon2020 + Linux Day?

It’s not a secret. I’m very happy to see some effects after my recent years of contributions in the Free as in Freedom software movement and about GNU/Linux topics, for example contributing to the Linux Day Torino event.

How much friends I’ve found, how much skills I’ve learned.

How much more I’ve to learn.

In particular, I’m proud about these two editions where I’ve given my heart for the event:

But also I’m happy about these editions of course:

Now, after COVID-19 recentness, the Linux Day Torino will not be proposed for 2020, and it’s somehow very sad.

…before thinking about the possibility to give an hand in a new national edition, completely online.

But… hey, Wikimedian(s) have very similar problems! Why not involve them and organize two different online conferences in the same day? One about Free as in Freedom software, and the other about Free as in Freedom contents?

Here we are, running all together for an amazing online edition of a giant itWikiCon 2020 + Linux Day 2020 event.

Let’s see what it will become! Good luck to everybody!

The cute image was designed by Virginia Foti, Francesco Serra / CC BY-SA

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