Ghost calls

Few days ago I was with some friends in my house and something really WEIRD happened.

We love leaving our phones in the middle of the table, with the screen off, while having some ordinary conversation.

After a while, two phones started ringing by themselves, two incoming ordinary call, but it was an IMPOSSIBLE situation:

  1. My mobile phone started ringing, claiming that Friend1’s number was calling
  2. Friend1’s phone started ringing, claiming that my number was calling

After 2-3 seconds both phones stopped ringing on their own.

I have absolutely no explanation.

I then called my mobile operator and they said:

  • this has never happened to us
  • no, you cannot have a log of outgoing calls that have not been answered
  • no, you cannot have a log of incoming calls, since you are not in a judicial inquiry, and even if that, it does not show incoming calls that have not been answered
  • so, you are fucked: your “problem” cannot be debugged in any way, nor by you or by your operator
  • Sir., have a nice day! <3

That’s even more frustrating.

I have the mobile operator Oh Mobile (virtual operator over Vodafone) and my friend was Vodafone. Both Android. I’m in a 4G network. This happened in Milano.


The same thing was reported to a friend of mine. Tim and Vodafone. Both Android. Milano.

Does it happened to you?

Please leave a comment.

Breaking news! Creative Commons Ducks invading our planet

Quack :|
Quack .__.

OK sorry if this post has no sense but I’m doing my homework for this:

The above images are Free cultural works and it means you can use, share, edit them for whatever purpose. More info:

Quang Nguyen, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ian Liao, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

564dude, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

mtan14, CC BY-SA 2.0, attraverso Wikimedia Commons

travel oriented, CC BY-SA 2.0, attraverso Wikimedia Commons

MiNe, CC BY 2.0, attraverso Wikimedia Commons

HenryDelMal, CC BY-SA 4.0, attraverso Wikimedia Commons

P.S. I could unintentionally forgot one attribution line but, since I’ve already put an hyperlink to each photo, like Wikipedia does, we can consider enough for your photo credits. If you are the author of that duck and you want to sue me because your credit is just a link on the image and not a brick in the above wall of text, I only have one thing to say to you. Quack.

This is a collection. This is not a derivative work. Assume my copyrights only on this exact phrase, and for the previous one, and for my “Quack”s and absolutely nothing else in this post content. See the sidebar for the license applying on these texts. The “Quacks”, instead, are released in CC0.

Note that I may not be able to claim copyright over my quacks, so see also the public domain mark.

The first and last ducks have apparently been modified in a way that can be considered creative, making them more rounded and applying weird color filters, but I actually don’t have any copyright on them either. First of all because it’s not a modification that exceeds the margin of originality, in my honest opinion. Secondly because I actually cheated and didn’t make any changes: the round thing and the color filter are just a CSS rule rendered by your browser web on your computer. I mean, the original file is not manipulated at all by me, but by you! So if there is creativity, are you the copyright owner of these derivative ducks? Uh? Uhm? (insert here plot twist music). Quack!