How to configure Phabricator, Harbormaster and Drydock for Continuos Integration

Phabricator Continuous Integration schema with Harbormaster and Drydock
Such schemas, such Phabolows, much wow

Some weeks ago I tried to setup a continuous integration solution with Phabricator, without Jenkins, and…. whaaat? it works.

So I started drawing all the concepts on paper before forgetting everything and now, If you want to configure Phabricator and its components for Continuous Integration (and no need for Jenkins or other external services) then see my guide, released on Wikibooks this night under a Free as in Freedom license:

Continue reading: Phabricator Administrator Handbook: Continuous Integration with Harbormaster and Drydock.

The image of the Phabricator Continuous Integration schema was made by Valerio Bozzolan and you can use it for any purpose under CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported.

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